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Willows collage.jpg



(GTO Ranch Fergie *D)

D.O.B: 02/10/2017

Generation: F6
(G6S normal)

Dam: Sonflower Ranch's Fancy
Sire: Green Gables Mojo *B

Willow *P

Mini Nubian Goats at gate

Willow is such a great goat! 
As always, we must notice those ears! So stunning!
She has amazing body capacity, allowing for lots of room for babies and nourishment (to sustain milk production). Her and her sire have milk stars, so she has great milking lines behind her! This milk test (at 46 days fresh) she gave 9.30 pounds of milk with 9.09% milk fat! Thats is nothing short of amazing!

When I bought her, she was in milk but I quickly dried her up to let her have her body to herself. She was thin and I couldn't get weight on her while she was still making milk. Her second freshening was much more productive. I worried that I may have set a bad precedent for her lactation cycle by drying her up early in her first freshening (this is a theory that I believe in) but she proved me wrong. 

 Willow has wonderful breed character and I feel very blessed to have her in our herd. She adds wonderful things to the Mini-Nubian world with her Roman nose, beautiful pendulous ears, nice wide body, beautiful round udder with large (easy to milk) teats, amazing production and very high milk fat (over 9%). 
She has kidded three times now; once with a beautiful single doeling (2018) then with triplet bucklings (2019) and triplets again (2 doelings and 1 buckling) in 2020. It's also worth noting that she is a wonderful mother who has dam raised all of her kids on her own. She is very protective and does a wonderful job of making sure her kids are well fed and taken care of.

Willow has moved on to a new farm and I have retained one of her daughters, Hazelnut.

Willows 2nd freshening udder 3.jpg

Willow's 2nd 

freshening udder

Willow's 2nd 

freshening udder


TMGR Conformation Clinic-  2019

"This second freshener exhibits femininity, flatness of bone and freedom from excess fleshing. She has a strong head and a long, lean neck blending into sharp, prominent withers set well above the shoulder. She is full at the crops, with well-sprung ribs from the heart girth through to a deep flank, providing her adequate body capacity for a doe of her age and size. Her rump is long with well defined pin bones. When viewed from the side, her front and rear pasterns are strong. While standing a bit weighted on one leg, when viewed from the rear she shows rear legs that are nearly perpendicular from hock to pastern, with toes pointed forward. Her fore udder shows good extension, placement and size of teats, with a medial suspensory ligament that clearly defines udder halves. She must be commended on her breed character, especially in the set and length of ear."

                                          -Evaluator: Jean Harrison (2019)

MDGA Summer 2020 Virtual Show

Willow Summer 2020 V-show

"D (Willow) places ahead of C for her advantage in the mammary system, with equal udder halves and properly shaped teats." (5th place)

            -Judge: Ed Kinser

"D (Willow) over C in Mammary System showing more equal balance between the two halves of the udder & higher well supported floor, well above the hocks" (4th place)

           - Judge: Regina Tervo

Willow's kids

2018 doeling

2019 bucklings

2020 triplets

Willows doeling.jpg
Willows bucklings.jpg

buckling.     doeling.   Doeling.

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