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Hazelnut's MDGA registration_edited.jpg


(Happy Hippie's Hazelnut)

Generation: F6

D.O.B: 05/03/2020

(G6S normal by parentage)

Dam: GTO Ranch Fergie *P ("Willow")

Sire: Blackberry's Phantom *B

Hazelnuts TMGR registration _edited.jpg

I am so proud to have this doeling in our herd! She is a home-bred girl (bred here by yours truly) and she has some AMAZING traits that I am so excited about.

For starters, she has a great brisket and very correct front lets. She is also very wide and deep. And my favorite part is that she has VERY HEAVY MILK genetics!


I put her dam (Willow) on MDGA's one-day milk test (2020) and she took NUMBER ONE with 9.30 pounds of milk and 9.09% butterfat at 46 days fresh. If this is foreign language to you, let me tall you that this is beyond amazing! Her dam was also very quiet, which is a great trait that I value in my herd and she passed this onto Hazelnut. 


Hazelnut's sire, Phantom, also carries great udder/milk genetics, has a very nice length of body and has great temperament. He deserves gold medals for his temperament, actually. He is gentle and polite 365 days out of the year, even in the deepest of rut.

I have high hopes for what this girl can bring to this line! 

This beautiful girl is due in March 2022 with a single kid. 

Willows collage.jpg


GTO Ranch Fergie *P ("Willow")

Phantoms collage.jpg


Blackberry's BH Phantom

Willows 2nd freshening udder 3.jpg

Dam's udder

dolly's udder 2018.jpeg

Sire's dam's 


(Grape Creek Dolcetta *D)

"[....] has good length of bone in General Appearance and when viewed from above a good dairy wedge in Dairy Character."
         -Judge: Lavina Allen

"[....] has the advantage of top line being more level when viewed from the side.  She is slightly more open and shapely in her escutcheon.  She is showing more rib shape in her top view as well."
        -Judge: James Oller

MDGA Summer 2021 Virtual Show

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