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Phantoms collage.jpg

Phantom *B

Phantom's registration MDGA.jpg

Blackberry's BH Phantom)

D.O.B: 03/11/2018

Generation: F5

(G6S Normal)

Dam: Grape Creek's Dolcetta

Sire: Blackberry's Houdini

Phantom *B

Dam: Mountain Meadows Candy

Sire:Green Gables Quentin

Dam: Cornerstone Farm Moon Light

Sire: Blue Oak's Black Magic *P

I have to start off with on of our favorite parts of Phantom- the ears! I mean, come on, can they get any cuter!? In fact, can any part of Phantom get any cuter? 

He comes from amazing milking lines and has his milk star with both TMGR and MDGA. In fact, he very well may get his + with TMGR this year! One of his daughters has her star already and there will be more on milk test this year (including our very own Hazelnut).

His dams udders (and the one daughter I can attest to) have amazing udders for milking. They have a nice full capacity and the teats are nice sized with orifices that milk out like a dream!

Now let me tell you about what you can't see from his photos. I'll start with his personality. You can't see how he gently nibbles my thumb every time I go to pet him. Or how he takes absolutely any medicine you give him (even the most awful taste, if you put in a syringe, he will take it).

He is so stinkin' polite that he will stand near you and silently beg for scratches without ever getting his stinky-self all up on you. He is so calm and collected that, even in rut, he hardly makes a sound and he isn't nearly as "bucky" as many other bucks I've seen. He is quite the gentleman!

So, it's clear that I love him to the moon and back but it's not just me! His previous owner showed him and he won the title of Sr. Buck Reserve Grand Champion at The Mile High Mini Milkers show the summer of 2019. AND his sire (Houdini)  is a V show Jr. Champion and his dam (Dolcetta or "Dolly") was a Jr. Champion in CA who has earned her milk star through amazing production! 

Phantom is bettering our herd with his impeccable breed character; his long ears, long body, moon spots, great milking lines (generations of milk stars) and amazing personality.

(This wonderful guy has gone on to Bless Grace Nichols herd! 

You can see her farm here

Dolcetta (Dolly) udder, 2018.jpeg

Dam's udder


Photo courtesy of Opus 7 Farm

Mile High Mini Milkers show- 2019

Sr. Buck Reserve Grand Champion (twice over)

Phantom, Sr.Buck Reserve Grand Champion

Photo courtesy of Opus 7 Farm

TMGR Conformation Clinic-  2019

"This stylish yearling buck is smoothly blended throughout. This is apparent when viewed from both the side and from the top; His neck blends smoothly withers that are prominent above the shoulder, into the shoulder blades and point of shoulder, shoulders into chine and crops, and into the loin and rump. He exhibits good body capacity for his age, which is especially apparent when considering the depth from the loin to the rear barrel below. When viewed from the side, he stands on straight and strong front legs, and well-angulated rear legs that are nearly perpendicular from the hock to pastern; both front and rear pasterns are strong, and all feet show excellent tightness in the toes."

                            -Evaluator: Jean Harrison (2019)

MDGA May 2020 Virtual Show

V show May 2020

"C (Phantom) places over G for his advantage in body capacity. He has more substance of bone and is wider in chest floor. In general appearance, he is more moderate in his hock angulation in side profile." (5th place)

            -Judge: Katie Jackson

MDGA Summer 2020 Virtual Show

V-show SUmmer 2020

"B (Phantom) over C in General Appearance showing stronger pasterns & a smoother frontend assembly through neck into shoulder" (2nd place)

           - Judge: Regina Tervo

TMGR Conformation Clinic-  2022

"This boy has a striking profile and strong head. His front end blends well into his body with nice extension of brisket as well as good blending of his neck into his shoulders. His rump is wide and flat from thurl to thurl. While he carries that width through his loin and chine, his chest could be much wider and he does not carry the width in the hocks. Ideally he would be more correct in his legs with less of a tendency to toe out in both his fore and rear legs. He does have good angulation to his rear legs. In dairy strength, he is clean in the thigh and good angle to his ribs. He could use more height and arch to his escutcheon."

                            -Evaluator: Rebekah Clarke (2022)


Maternal Grandsire

dolly-side-2020 (Phantoms dam).jpeg

Phantoms Dam


Green Gables



Moonbeam side14 Phantome great paternal

Grape Creek's Dolcetta *P *D

Green Gables Amber

Maternal Granddam


Echo Hill's
King Othello

Daystar's Vanentine


Mountain Meadows Candy


Phantoms Kids

(from our homestead)


Photo courtesy of Opus 7 Farm



Coming Soon

(Awaiting DNA tests to confirm parentage)

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