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Ariel *B

(Opus 7 CR Ariel *B)

Ariels registration  MDGA.jpg

         D.O.B: 05/25/2018

            Generation: Grade 1

             (G6S normal)

Dam: Cinnamon

Sire: Hurlburt Farms Roman *B

Dam's Dam: 

Dam's Sire: Helm Acres CornerStone Checker

Ariel front.jpg

Ariel is a sweetie with an amazing personality! She is the epitome of the perfect amount of friendliness. She will always come to greet you but she respects boundaries beautifully. 

On top of her sweet nature, she has amazing milking lines. She earned a milk star as a first freshener! At 60 days fresh she gave 8.60 pounds of milk with 5.50% milk fat! Her sire also has his milk star and her dam was one of her breeders favorites to milk (because of flavor of milk, quantity, and ease of milking). In fact, it was her dam who inspired Opus 7 Farm to get into mini-nubians! 
Ariel's sire (Roman aka: Marvel) gifted her his nice straight topline, a nice long body and moonspots. These qualities allowed her to place 2nd in the May 2020 Virtual show with MDGA!

Ariel is nice and wide-bodied, which is great for breeding. She delivered twins in April of 2020 and did a marvelous job. She didn't need any assistance and her twins were healthy. For her 1st kidding, she was bred to Phantom who helped elongate ears (since hers are quite controlled) and passed along the marvelous moonspots! You can see photos of her twin doeling's at the bottom of this page. 


And the cherry-on-top of all of this is that she has Green Gables Trillium in her lineage (on both sides)! 

Ariel is bred with twins and is due in March 2022!

Ariel udder.jpg

Ariel's udder

1st freshinging

4 weeks fresh

Ariel foreudder.jpg

Ariel's udder

1st freshinging

4 weeks fresh

"This long bodied, deep chested yearling exhibits depth of heart, and fullness at the point of elbow. She is strong over the topline in the area of the chine and loin, with withers that are slightly higher than the hips. When viewed from above, she exhibits full crops, a wide loin, good spring of rib and a very long, uniformly wide rump. When viewed from the side, she has strong pasterns and feet with hoof soles that are uniform in depth from toe to heel. Her head is strong, with good set of the eyes and a wide muzzle." 

                                                             -Evaluator: Jean Harrison (2019)

TMGR Conformation Clinic-  2019

MDGA May 2020 Virtual Show

V SHOW may 2020

Entry K (Ariel) over Entry B because:

-Mammary System

-Udder support

– more overall area of udder support

-Fore udder

– more extension and capacity

-Body capacity

-More depth and width of chest

-More spring of rib 

               -Judge Joseph Larson 

MDGA Summer 2020 Virtual Show

V-show Summer 2020

"C (Ariel) places over E for her greater width in the chest floor, her more correctly angulated rear legs, and for her higher and wider escutcheon. C also shows more extension of the fore udder." (9th place)

            -Judge: Ed Kinser

"C over F in Mammary System is showing a stronger medial suspensory ligament & more capacity in the fore udder" (9th place)

           - Judge: Regina Tervo

Ariel's kids
twin doelings

Happy Hippies Cinderella


Happy Hippies Thumbelina

Single buckling
Kylo Ren.jpeg

Happy Hippies Kylo Ren


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