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Luna's side photo 7-15-22.jpg
Lunas MDGA registration.jpg

(Happy Hippies Luna)

Generation: F1

D.O.B: 4/23/2022

Dam: Goldthwaite Lucille

Sire: Blackberry's Phantom *B

Luna is a beautiful first-generation Mini-Nubian. She is a wonderful example of why you should never shy away from low-generation goats! 


For her 2023 kids, she was bred to SizeMatter’s GTT Sors*S*B. Sors is a very small but well-put-together buck who will assure that Luna's kids stay within the size limit for both TMGR and MDGA

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TMGR Conformation Clinic-  2022

"Although this doe kid has a longer hair coat, you can see plenty of good qualities on her. She has good feet and legs with good angulation on the rear legs, however she could use less toeing out on her fore legs. She is reasonably level over her chine and loin and fairly flat over her rump. She has good length of bone throughout, especially over her back. In body capacity, she could use more width in her chest and more extension of brisket but she does stand with good width between her hocks.Without a top picture, it is difficult to say if she has much spring of rib but she doesn’t have quite as much angle to the ribs as some of the does before her. In dairy strength, she is flat boned throughout with a lean neck which blends well into the shoulders. She is clean in the thigh with a high escutcheon when viewed from behind although she could be wider in the escutcheon. I also appreciate her strong head and correct ears corresponding to her breed character."

                                                   -Evaluator: Rebekah Clarke

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