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A backyard homestead and blog. 

Hello and welcome!

Over the last decade, we have learned how to build our homestead right in the backyard of our small Colorado Springs home. 

I dreamed of living on a farm where my young daughters could learn how to grow their own food, tend to their own animals, and learn how to be overall self-sufficient. I longed for them to know where their food came from and for them to know that they didn't always need to rely on someone else for these things.

Then one day I realized that my daughters were going to grow up and their childhoods weren't going to wait until we could get a farm. So, I made it happen right where we are at. Right here in the city of Colorado Springs, CO. 


We started with goats and before I knew it, we had chickens, ducks,  bunnies, and a large garden. 


Through this site, I would like to share the animals that we raise as well as share with you how to do what you love right in your own backyard!


We are now offering herd shares to those who are interested in raw milk!


So come on in and take a look at our site!

 You can find pages for each of our goats, information about making your dreams happen (no matter where you are at), as well as our blog (trust me, you won't want to miss it)!

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